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FiveFish 1U Power Transformer

The 1U Power transformer kit consists of a dual-primary (universal), toroidal transformer and all of the components needed mount it and hook it up.  FiveFish offers this kit as a package deal with the PSU-2448 and PSU-4488 power supply kits.

Image courtesy of FiveFish Studios

Notable Features:

  • Dual primaries (115+115) enable 110/220v operation
  • Fits in a 1RU case
  • Includes:
    • Mounting hardware
    • LED and holder
    • Power switch
    • IEC power inlet
    • Fuse and holder
  • Double-insulated primary leads

Price: $39

Toroidal power transformers on eBay:


More information at fivefishstudios.com.

  • Last updated June 9, 2011