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Hamptone HJFP2 FET Preamp

The HJFP2 is a microphone preamp based around a class-A JFET gain stage and custom input and output transformers. It is very similar to the HVTP2, except with JFETs instead of tubes providing gain.

hamptone kit

Notable Features:

  • Custom input/output transformers
  • Integrated linear power supply
  • Industrial 2RU half-rack chassis
  • Discreet, class A design
  • Optional step attenuators to replace gain pots
  • Switchable line/DI input


  • $720 for full kit
  • $844 with stepped attenuators

Adjusted Cost: $360 or $422/channel (two channels)

Hamptone preamps on eBay:


More information at www.hamptone.com.

  • Last updated June 14, 2012