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Weber 5F1 Fender Champ

Weber’s 5F1 is a reproduction of the tweed 1958-1964 Fender Champ circuit, which employed a 12AX7 dual triode preamp and an 8″ speaker. Weber also offers many variations on the basic 5F1 circuit, including the 5F2A which adds a tone control and the 5F2H harmonica amp.

Notable Features:

  • Kit variations:
    • 5F1: Classic 5F1 circuit
    • 5F1A: 5F1 w/ 10″ speaker
    • 5C1: 6SJ7 octal pentode preamp w/ 8″ speaker
    • 5C1A: 5C1 circuit w/ 10″ speaker
    • 5F2A: 5F1 w/ tone control and 10″ speaker
    • 5F2H harp amp: 5F1 w/ KT66 power tube and 10″ speaker

Price: From $315
More Information:

  • Kits available from Weber
  • Last updated July 22, 2011