Baby Pre Stereo Mic Preamp Kit


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The GKit Baby Pre is a two-channel, standalone mic preamp kit that's designed to provide a rewarding and educational building experience for beginners. The Baby Pre was originally designed by a team of audio educators at McGill University to teach their students the basic concepts of electronics. We're thrilled to make this great piece of gear and educational opportunity available to everyone.


BabyPre built by a student

Each of the two channels has a gain control as well as push-buttons for +48V phantom power, a high-pass filter, pad, and a Colour stage. The inputs and outputs are on balanced XLR connectors, and the power supply uses an external “wall wart” AC transformer to ensure there are no potentially hazardous voltages during assembly and testing. The GKit baby pre will surprise you with its quality and versatility in such a small package.


  • Professional two-channel mic preamp kit
  • Compact, "half-rack" size
  • All parts and instructions provided
  • External, wall-wart power supply ensures no dangerous voltages
  • PCB layout shows signal flow and circuit sections
  • Test / break points for easy measurement and experimentation
  • Approximate build time: 6 hours
  • Compatible with Colour Modules
Gain 26-64dB
Max Output Level 28dBu (at 1kHz)
Bandwidth 20Hz to 45kHz (@ 40dB Gain)
THD+N 0.0105" (@ +4dBu, 40dB gain, 1kHz)
EIN -114dBu / -115dBu
Input Impedance 10k Ω
Output Impedance 2.2k Ω
Pad -20dB
High-Pass Filter 50Hz

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