Tape Echo Colour Kit Bundle

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Lush, textured tape delay with real tube saturation.

The Tape Echo Bundle combines the Pulse delay Colour with tube and tape saturation for an authentic, vintage "slapback" echo.

Engage all three Colours at once for the perfect slapback that sounds like you spent all day getting the filtering and distortion just right. Or use each Colour individually for more subtle analog textures.

The bundle contains:

Colour 500-Series Palette mkII Kit (DIY kit)
Take complete control over the amount of distortion from each Colour with the Colour Palette mkII's individual stepped controls.


Pulse Tape Delay Colour (Fully assembled)
Customizable delay with built-in filtering and subtle saturation.


Pentode Tube Saturation Colour (Fully assembled)
A NOS tube running at its true plate voltage is overdriven to produce the musical saturation that can only be described as "tube color."


15IPS Tape Saturation Kit (DIY kit)
The natural compression, wooly saturation, and low-end bump of analog tape.

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