Classic VCA Compressor Colour (Discontinued)

The Classic VCA Colour is a complete compressor based around THAT Corp's state-of-the-art Analog Engine VCA. THAT's Analog Engine is descended from the dbx 202 "Black Can" VCA, which was at the heart of many classic compressors.

The Classic VCA is a complete compressor circuit, with threshold, ratio, and makeup-gain settings accessible on the PCB. It also features the "Auto-Attack" setting, made famous by the vintage SSL channel compressors.

The sophisticated THAT Corp. The Analogue Engine design ensures low THD levels and noiseless performance while maintaining classic VCA compression character.

About the Designer

Bart HRK is an analog design engineer, specializing in analog recording equipment based on discrete transistors and thermionic valves. He has worked as a designer for Focusrite and AMS-Neve on projects like the 1073LB preamp, 2264 compressor, ISA2 preamp, and RED1 500 preamp.


  • Fully functional VCA compressor
  • Soft knee compression curve
  • Ratio range from 1:1 to brick-wall limiter
  • Threshold range from -40dBu to +15dBu
  • Makeup gain from 0dB to +20dB
  • Auto-attack mode
  • Auto-release
  • Includes all parts required

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