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ColourADPTR ColourCV-to-Colour Adapter


  • Fully Assembled

The ColourADPTR allows you to use any ColourCV module in the Colour 500-series Palette or CP5 mic preamp.


  • Compatible with the Colour format
  • Fully assembled and tested
  • Trim pots for setting ColourCV CV controls

About The ColourCV Format

ColourCV brings Colour to the Eurorack modular synth format. ColourCV modules feature four extra pins for controlling parameters via CV.

Real analog plugins.

Colour is a new format for analog audio gear designed for and by the DIY community. We took our favorite sounding analog circuits and put them on modules that are small, affordable, and swappable.

The Colour format consists of Colours and Palettes:

Colours are ultra-compact, pluggable analog circuit blocks that impart various types of analog color. Check out our ever-growing selection of Colours. Colours can be designed and released by anyone.

Palettes provide controls, power, and support circuitry for Colours. We currently offer the Colour 500 Palette and CP5 Mic Preamp with Colour.

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