L2P Passive Line Attenuator Kit


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Get the most out of your mic preamps. Use your preamps as line-level saturation devices, or pad their output so you can drive them harder.

The L2P is a two-channel, balanced line/mic pad with two attenuation options. The -10dB setting is perfect for padding the output of mic preamps so you can run them hot without clipping your converters. The -30dB setting is a "line-to-mic" pad that allows you to run tracks directly from your audio interface or mixer to the inputs of your preamps.


  • Selectable -10dB or -30dB pads
  • Two channels
  • Excellent matching between channels for stereo operation
  • Line-to-mic pad 
Input Impedance 8.1k/5.5k (line out / mic out)
Output Impedance 2.7k/150
Attenuation 10dB/30dB, selectable
Noise Floor -113dBu/-115dBu (line out / mic out)


Kit Contents:

  • Amphenol XLR jacks
  • Xicon 1% metal film resistors
  • Enclosure extruded from 6063 "architectural" aluminum
  • Anodized black finish
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Kenny Sacks
    Easy Rewarding Useful Build

    Very easy for a novice diy builder. Very useful tool.

    Unlock Your Potential

    I grabbed this one on a whim but it's been really useful! I can now tack any of my preamps on any track in the box to get some nice analog variation. It makes for a really neat way of getting some subtle or not-so-subtle tonal shifts on anything. The kit itself is also supremely easy to build. Cheers!

    John Pfiffner

    Easy to build. Works flawlessly. Dumbing down a balanced signal with ease. Cute little box too. I’ll be keeping this forever. Thanks folks!

    christopher denes

    L2P Passive Line Attenuator Kit

    Alex Totheroh
    Another fantastic kit from DIYRE

    Does exactly what it should, well designed, great parts, and crazy affordable. Couldn't ask for a better executed kit!

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