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S Series Condenser Microphones (Discontinued)

We no longer carry Microphone Parts' kits. Please purchase directly from Microphone Parts.

The S Series kits pair the most highly regarded microphone capsule designs of all time with an ultra-transparent circuit based on the classic design from Schoeps.

Since 2010, Microphone Parts has been the DIY community's go-to choice for modern interpretations of classic Neumann and AKG capsules. The S-series kits allow you to build a complete, multi-pattern condenser microphone based on one of these exceptional capsules.

The magic's in the capsule

The S Series is based on the philosophy that a great capsule needs no introduction. The circuitry and body are designed to get out of the way and let these capsules speak for themselves. Jim Williams' ultra-transparent circuitry and the tapered, brass mesh headbasket reveal the capsules' natural characteristics with stunning detail and clarity.

The RK-47 features the balanced frequency response and low-end authority for which the Neumann K47 is famous. Since its introduction in 2010, the RK-47 has become one of the most popular capsules in the DIY microphone community. 

The RK-87 is a modern interpretation of the original capsule found in Neumann's classic studio workhorse, the U-87. The RK-87's smooth transients and neutral frequency response allow you to capture any source with absolute confidence.  

The RK-12 provides the open, "airy" top-end and exceptional transient detail which made the AKG C12 countless engineers' microphone-of-choice for acoustic guitars, intimate vocals, and classical recordings.

Circuit and Body Features:

  • Circuit designed by Jim Williams of Audio Upgrades
  • Ultra-transparent, transformerless signal path
  • Each JFET is selected and manually biased before shipping
  • On-board cardioid/omni polar pattern switch
  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Two-layer, brass mesh grille

Kit Includes:

  • Every part required to build the microphone
  • Your choice of capsule
  • Unbranded microphone body
  • Swivel mount
  • Complete, step-by-step, printed instruction manual
  • Zippered storage pouch


"Are these U-47, U-87, or C-12 clones?"

Nope, the S Series mics are not clones. They are unique designs that combine vintage design elements.

"What does 'transformerless' mean? How does that affect the sound of the mics?"

Traditionally, microphones employed a transformer to create a balanced output. However, transformers are better known for their "tone" than their "transparency." So to ensure that the natural character of each microphone capsule is presented as truly as possible, the S Series mics employ a variation of the famous Schoeps transformerless output stage. What you will hear is the tone of the capsule, nothing more and nothing less.

"How much experience do I need to build these?"

While some brave beginners have successfully built one of these mics, we recommend that you have moderate DIY experience. There are no dangerous voltages to beware of, but there are some small, delicate parts to be soldered. If you can confidently build a guitar pedal, then you should have no problem building an S Series mic with Microphone Parts' excellent, detailed instructions. 

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