Microphone Parts

T Series (Transformer) Condenser Microphones (Discontinued)

We no longer carry Microphone Parts' kits. Please purchase directly from Microphone Parts.

The T Series condenser mic kits combine classic German capsule designs with the circuitry of the legendary Neumann KM84. The results are smooth, detailed microphones with a decidedly vintage vibe.

Like the transformless S Series of microphone kits, the T Series employ Microphone Parts' highly regarded RK-47 and RK-12 capsules. The T Series circuitry is a reproduction of the Neumann KM84, optimized for large-diaphragm capsules, and featuring an American-wound transformer. The transformer imparts a subtle, rounded, solid texture to the otherwise very true-to-life circuitry.

Two Capsule Options

The two T Series microphones, T-47 and T-12, feature different capsules paired with the same low-noise, transformer-balanced circuitry. Choose your capsule based on the classic voicing you prefer.

The RK-47 features the balanced frequency response and low-end authority for which the Neumann K47 is famous.

The RK-12 provides the open, "airy" top-end and exceptional transient detail which made the AKG C12 countless engineers' microphone-of-choice for acoustic guitars, intimate vocals, and classical recordings.

Circuit and Body Features:

  • Circuit based on the Neumann KM84
  • US-wound custom transformer
  • Each JFET is selected and manually biased before shipping
  • On-board cardioid/omni polar pattern switch
  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Two-layer, brass mesh grille

Kit Includes:

  • Every part required to build the microphone
  • Your choice of capsule
  • Unbranded microphone body
  • Swivel mount
  • Complete, step-by-step, printed instruction manual
  • Zippered storage pouch


"Are these U-47, or C-12 clones?"

Nope! They are certainly voiced similarly to those classic mics, but they don't attempt to recreate those mics part-by-part.

"How much experience do I need to build these?"

While some brave beginners have successfully built one of these mics, we recommend that you have moderate DIY experience. There are no dangerous voltages to beware of, but there are some small, delicate parts to be soldered. Paul Womack's review for Sonic Scoop had this to say:

"There are only 30 components so it’s not a long build, easily done in one sitting. Total it took me about two hours to assemble. You’ll need a clean well-lit workspace and few simple tools: a soldering iron and solder, needle-nose pliers, and wire-strippers. A “third hand” clamp with alligator clips or something similar is extremely handy as well.

If you’ve never done any type of build before, be aware that there are sensitive parts here and you’ll want to have some experience with something simpler like a reamp box or guitar electronics. Microphone-Parts describes the kit as Intermediate Level. Don’t be intimidated though, the instructions are excellent and should guide you through with no problem. Microphone-Parts.com also provides email tech support if necessary, and all my dealings with them were great so don’t be afraid to reach out."