Louder Than Liftoff

Implode FET Compressor Colour


  • Fully Assembled

Many of the most distinctive sounds in recording history have originated from engineers breaking the rules and "abusing" their equipment. By far the most famous "abuse" visited upon a piece of gear is the 1176 FET compressor's "All Buttons In" mode, in which all of the ratio settings are engaged at the same time. The resulting squish is the thing of legends and has been emulated countless times.

Louder Than Liftoff's "Implode" Colour is not an emulation at all, but an exact replica of the 1176 Rev F amplifier and gain-reduction circuitry pre-set to "All Buttons In" mode. 


  • Exact recreations of the Revision F amplifier and gain-reduction stages
  • Customizable via solderless jumpers and trim pots:
    • 4:1 or "All Buttons In" ratio modes
    • Attack, Release, and Output
    • Detector circuit bypass
  • Arrives set to the beloved "Dr. Pepper" attack and release settings
  • Compatible with the Colour 500 Palette

Implode is not offered as a DIY kit. Because of the complexity of their design, all of Louder Than Liftoff's Colours are sold fully assembled and tested.

Design Notes

Implode delivers all the aggression, smash, and colorful leveling many have trusted for decades. It was no small feat to create the world's smallest 1176! We squeezed in every transistor, capacitor, and resistor from the original Revision F discrete preamp and detector circuits--over 100 parts meticulously arranged to create a small city of analog mojo machinery. There were many late nights and much cursing, no doubt! By including individual trimpots for both attack and release, you can create compression presets for each module--like the much used "Dr. Pepper" setting. We've even included the Bypass setting, which allows you to process audio through the discrete transistor preamp without compressing..

-Brad McGowan, Designer, Louder Than Liftoff

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chad W

It’s alright…it compresses…but it’s not super fantastic. My Black Rooster VLA FET plug-in destroys this piece. I tracked vocals through it, sounded sub-par. Tracking through my OLA5s sounds way better.

Stereo matching them is difficult. The inputs on mine are skewed, as I discovered when I set one to “hi threshold” and it evened out the Stereo image.

As far as color goes, it’s not terrible. I’ve achieved some interesting sounds with it. So far the most useful application has been using it to boost signal after my CTX and super filter because both have a noticeable compression effect.

So it’s not useless. But not stellar.

1176 all-buttons-in slam all day long

The LTL Implode is worth having for the 1176 all-buttons-in mode ("Implode"). It does crazy over-the-top slam very well. The 4:1 is nice but just not the same. Compared to its DIY.RE competitor, the MN-50 Smash Compressor, the Implode is a bit more predictable.

There are downsides: The controls -- a mix of jumpers and pots -- are fiddly. One jumper is on the board twice.

I believe there may be something to people saying plugin compressors don't react like analog compressors do. I cannot get the same attack from the two 1176 plugins I have (Kush UBK-1 and PA Purple MC77). With the plugins, the attack sounds a bit like white noise whereas the Implode's does not.

Distortion when it's not doing much is low (for Colour) at around .2-.3 % but rises in the bass to around 1 %. Noise is lower than the MN-50.

Joshua Recinos
I track with compression now on vocals

Just enough to catch the peaks and even out the vocal dynamics. Of course you could absolutely crush the sound of anything you put through it. I use it for light compression, makes the vocals more present during tracking, and flatters the vocalist's voice, and makes them a little more confident when they sing which i find is well worth the price.

Stephen Leiweke
So much fun!

These little monsters are so much fun! My favorite application right now would have to be drum room mic's. If you get one, you'll want two. If you have two, you'll want four.

Joseph aka Lynxpoint
Sounds as Fet as expected

I had many doubts about this little one. How can someone could possibly fit a Fet comp in this tiny space AND make it sounds as a real FET compressor? Well it's there and sounds exactly as one would expect a FET comp to sound like. My only concern is how in hell am I going to reach those hidden controls on the pcb? My suggestion would be to create a 1 space front panel for 500 series that contain all the knobs needed to bypass the FET comp AND the pulse delay together, as well as being able to control 2 channels of each at the same time, making it possible to work in stereo. Cause the way my colours sounds so far, very fucking nice, warm and gentle enough to fit on a mix bus (especially the tube coloration and the FET), I will need those 2 to be able to be linked. I was thinking of doing it myself, you know, but after I tought, well, they are both from the same company, why not as well just botter that guy till he makes it so I can just buy it and focus on my prod? In any case, you need that colour. I know it's more expensive than other colours, but the sound is there, no half compromise, sounds awesome on many things, and I suspsect I will like it a lot on my drums. More tests required :P Also last note, I use this baby doll to produce electronic music as well as acoustic music. This is not only for guitar players, it's clean, warm and will fit perfectly on any type of music IMHO.

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