Over the years, we've received many kind words from artists and professionals who have made our products an essential part of their workflows. Here's some of what they had to say:

"a few years ago i made my first DIYRE piece. it was one of the most relaxing and meditative times i can remember. my soldering was appalling, my boards were a mess but damn, the boxes sounded fantastic. over time i got better at making them, and i also got a little neater but not by much. i have my rack filled with these ingeniously designed units. i love them. peterson is a patient and nurturing gent which can be a rare thing in the tech world. he’s helped my out when i was scratching my head misreading obvious and clear instructions. brilliant gear. brilliantly designed. fun to make."

- Jacknifee Lee
U2, Taylor Swift, REM, Snow Patrol, Bloc Party

"A Colour Palette stocked with two Tonelocs and a 15IPS are amazing on drums. I just mixed a song with the Colours and this setup was perfect on a mono drum mic."

- F Reid Shippen
Kenny Chesney, Ingrid Michaelson, Dierks Bentley, Lady A, OneRepublic

"As a mixer that works almost exclusively in the box, there are some tracks that need the warmth, glue, and spacing that only analog can offer. When I run my mix through the SB2 paired with CP5s loaded with Rogue-tec Airs, I get that great low-mid presence that I'm looking for along with airy highs and a great stereo image. Other analog summing always made me feel like something was changed in the balance of my mix, but the SB2 gives me the analog enhancements I'm looking for without sacrificing anything. I currently have this setup replacing summing units in my home room at Lounge Studios NYC worth over $10k combined."

- Mikaelin "Blue" BlueSpruce
Solange, Mariah Carey, Blood Orange

"I been using the EQP5 a lot lately and really dig how smooth it is. There isn't really a bad place for it. Any place I've used it, it helps. It doesn’t feel all phase shifty like some EQs do when you crank on them. I have to check that it’s in because it’s so natural sounding. It’s definitely in. Natural as f*ck. The EQP5 is a legit tool regardless of cost. I use this along side my Lang and Pultecs."

- Rob Schnapf
Elliott Smith, Guided by Voices, The Vines, Saves the Day

"Even a little bit of the 15IPS adds a warm vibe and a huge low end. Just switching it in can thicken up a kick drum, bass or even a whole mix. With more drive, 15IPS gives a great saturated tape-like squash."

- Paul "Willie Green" Womack
Wiz Khalifa, The Roots, Donnie McClurkin, Billy Woods

"Como ingeniero de mezcla, siempre busco nuevas formas de agregar vida y textura a mis mezclas. El colores de DIYRE es esencial en mi arsenal. Esta caja mágica me permite experimentar con una amplia gama de tonalidades y saturaciones, ideal para realizar los elementos de frecuencias bajas en mis mezclas. Además, al utilizar diferentes tipos de tarjetas, puedo sumergir la señal en una paleta de armónicos personalizados, creando así una estética sonora única."

"As a mixing engineer, I'm always looking for new ways to add life and texture to my mixes. The Colour Duo from DIYRE is essential in my arsenal. This magic box lets me experiment with a wide gamut of tones and saturation, ideal for perfecting the low end in my mixes. With the different Colours I can treat each signal with a unique harmonic palette, creating a unique sonic space for them."

- Gustavo Sacchetti
Alejandro Sans, Vilma Palma e Vampiros