About Us

Hi, my name's Peterson Goodwyn. In 2009 I was a freelance drummer and recording engineer struggling to pay for the great gear I wanted to make records with. Then I found out that with a little patience and research I could build that gear for a fraction of the price of buying it. So I created diyrecordingequipment.com in 2010 to document the DIY audio projects I found and to encourage other musicians and engineers to build their own equipment. Soon after, I released the LINE2AMP Re-amplifier kit, the first DIY recording gear kit designed specifically to introduce beginners to the world of DIY.

Today, DIY Recording Equipment sells an ever-growing selection of kits to DIYers all over the world. We are committed to brilliant design, affordable pricing, and delightful customer service. We're guided by the following core values:

  • Gear is a tool. Quality recording gear is not a collector's item, a status symbol, or a marketing gimmick: it's a tool for creating music. And as musicians we believe that the tools for making great records should be as affordable as possible. All of our kits are designed and manufactured from the ground up to provide you with excellent tools at an accessible price.
  • Everyone benefits when knowledge is free. The designs for all of our kits are released under the TAPR Open Hardware License and distributed for free via our blog and Upverter. If you want to use our designs to make our gear without buying our kits or as a springboard for your own designs, we encourage you do to so.
  • Everyone's got to start somewhere. We know that building electronics can seem intimidating. That's why all of our kits come with photo, step-by-step guides.