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$50 Repair Service


Our first priority at DIYRE is to see your DIY project succeed. That's why try to make the best step-by-step guides and offer email support. However, sometimes even the best of us get stuck. That's where our $50 Repair Service comes in.

We will fix up your kit and send it back to you in working order within 3 weeks. Place your order for a repair by buying this item, then we will respond with instructions for shipping your kit back to us.

During checkout please note:

  1. Which kit you are returning for repair
  2. What issues you are having with it

Supported Kits Only

We can only repair kits that we at DIYRE designed and support. Look for the the " Supported" check box on the product page.

Repairs Only

We offer repairs as zero-profit service to our customers because we want you to be happy with your DIYRE product. So we ask that you only use this service after you've built the kit completely and have given troubleshooting your best shot. That is, this is not an assembly service. We also cannot service kits built and sold by a 3rd party, either through an authorized retailer or on Reverb, eBay, etc.

The $50 repair fee is per kit to be repaired. So if you are sending back more than one kit, make sure to buy the correct number of repairs. For example, if you are sending back a CP5 Mic Preamp and CTX Colour module, buy one 500-series Module repair and one Colour Module repair. Shipping will be calculated at checkout based on the total weight of items to be repaired.

International Service

We encourage international customers to use one of our local repair partners instead of returning the kit to us. These repair partners do not offer the same $50 pricing, but using a local repair person you will save significantly on shipping and customs. See a list of trusted techs here: International Repair Techs

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Matthew T
Always helpful.

I have needed assistance many times and they are always very responsive. This was the first time I used the repair service for my G Bus and it came was returned to me working perfectly!

Felipe Gonzalez
This service is one of the best, hands down.

To be clear. I made a mistake when soldering that resulted in a non working device. Purchased the service and within 2 weeks, my device was returned, and working like a charm. All communications were very expedite, so this service pays by itself.
Amazing equipment, at an affordable price, to even fix your mistakes. What else can you ask for?
Kudos to the whole team at DYIRE.

Yevgen Stupka

Great service!

shane dupuy
Great Service

Awesome company. Love the product and service.

William Teschner

Built my OLA5 kit and it didn't function. Took advantage if the $50 repair service.Problem resolved and quickly returned in perfect working order. Second time using and have been 100% satisfied both times. Just wish they told me where the problem was LOL!!. Oh well not complaining, this company is TOP SHELF!!! Products are amazing!!!

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