PR502 2-Slot 500-Series Chassis Kit


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The PR502 is a 2-channel, high-current, 500-series chassis in a desktop or 19" rack-mount format. The assembly process is fairly simple, and does not require dealing with wall power.

The rack is sold with two power supply options:

External Supply:  Comes with our custom supply, which can power up to four racks. Note that for international shipments we do not include the US power cable.

THRU Cable:  Comes with a cable for daisy-chaining power from another rack. We recommend the assembled cable for beginners and the cable kit for intermediate-advanced builders.

Rugged and refined

The PR502's minimalist, all-black chassis is made from anodized aluminum and powder-coated steel. The compact case fits into any desktop setup, while the optional rack ears make the PR502 compatible with standard 19" racks.

High-current, low-noise

Our custom, universal power supply provides up to 250mA of clean current per channel—almost double the 500-series spec—and can power up to four PR502 racks (eight modules). Additional filtering and regulating in the chassis ensures that the power for your modules is stable and dead quiet.

Simplicity is a feature

While the PR502 is designed with an emphasis on simplicity, it is a full-featured 500 rack.

  • THRU jack for powering additional racks
  • LED power indicators for +/-16 and +48v
  • Neutrik XLR audio jacks
  • FEED feature turns your PR502 into a channel strip by patching channel 1 into channel 2 without a cable
  • Compressor link

Beginner friendly

Assembling the PR502 is safe and easy, thanks to the external power supply and our step-by-step instructions.

Estimated build time: 1 hour

Note: 500-series modules from Rupert Neve Designs (RND) are slightly wider than the API spec and as such will not fit in the PR502.


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