Louder Than Liftoff

Rogue-Tec Air Passive EQ Colour


  • Fully Assembled

There just may not be anything more gorgeous than strapping a pair of Pultec equalizers across a mix and boosting 12 or 16 kHz to add some "air" to the top end. The Rogue-Tec Air is a high frequency boost for the Colour format faithfully based on this legendary passive EQ.


  • Passive EQ topology inspired by vintage EQP-1A3SS and EQP-1S3 equalizers
  • Shelf boost frequency selectable via jumper: 3, 5, 8, 12, 16 kHz (other frequencies can be selected by fitting more jumpers)
  • Shelf boost gain via trimpot: 0 to 12 dB
  • Includes ROGUE FIVE™ discrete op amp 
  • 2520-compatible op amp footprint with gold plated sockets - swap in your favorite discrete opamp
  • Wima film caps
  • Pair with Pentode or CTX Colour modules for the ultimate Pultec vibe

Rogue-Tec Air is offered fully assembled and tested by Louder Than Liftoff. It and LTL's other Colours will not be available as DIY kits.

Our unique incarnation is inspired by two variants of the famed vintage unit. In the late 1970's Pulse Techniques, Inc. debuted a solid state version of the famed EQP-1A3 that featured an API 2520 discrete op amp to provide make-up gain for the passive EQ network instead of the usual tube amplifier. There was also a rare version (EQP-1S3) that offered 5 and 10 kHz high frequency shelving settings. We created a hybrid of the two and integrated an expanded set of passive shelving filters with a 2520-powered make-up gain amp to yield a combination that pulls high frequencies effortlessly to the front of any track or mix.

-Brad McGowan, Designer, Louder Than Liftoff

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chad W
Great sweetener

This one really surprised me. Fantastic unit for adding analog HF sweetness without harshness. Destroys most plugins. What I found really surprising was that there was a noticeable enhancement of the entire signal - even in the lows - when signal is pushed through the DOA at maximum setting on the colour dial. Even without engaging the HF boost, it makes audio sound better. So I have it engaged and dialled UP even when I don’t need a HF boost.

Good module.

Yeuda Ben-Atar
Amazing on Vocals Straight from the Source

I'm using it with the CP5 pre-amp from this site and it's amazing. Really give them a modern shine.
I really looking forward for this product to be back in stock so I can put a second unit for stereo recording and processing.

Dan James
The best module so far

I have been a colour user for a while now and this is the module I have been waiting for. The top end on this EQ is incredibly smooth and it kills my console eq. This is also better than any of my UAD pultec/maag/millenia/manley EQ plugins. They are all great but just don't have the immediacy of the Rogue. Also the top end of the Rogue is just better than any plugin I own (UA/Slate/PSP/Soundtoys/DMG).

For tracking I use it on dark mics (U67). I push the Rogue into the Pentode at 16k. The rogue just lifts the top end while pentode adds weight to the track. Awesome combination.

For mixes I use a pair set to 16k and push them into a pair of CTX modules. I do this after my SB4000 SSL clone. The SB400 is set to tilt to clamp the top end and the CTX/rogue combo opens everything up and adds a nice width. Pentode was better for tracking as it adds a little too much weight to mixes.

In review Rogue + pentode is like using a pultec for tracking.
Rogue + CTX opens your mixes up and gives a stunning clarity and width to your mixes.

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