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Colourupter Optical Disrupter Colour


The Colourupter brings the unique mojo of XQP Audio's Optical Disrupter to the Colour format. At the heart of the Colourupter's sound is a classic optical compressor employed in a deviously non-traditional way: instead being converted to a DC control voltage, the audio signal is sent directly to the side chain. This "incorrect" implementation paired with the natural character of the optical element yields a soft, asymmetrical distortion that remains musical even at extreme gain settings.


  • Optical element gently slopes waveform without hard clipping
  • Emphasis on bass harmonics creates a larger-than-life low end
  • Compatible with the Colour 500-Series Palette
  • Full, step-by-step assembly instructions and guaranteed support


See audio tab for more samples.

  Colourupter Frequency ResponseColourupter Harmonic Distortion

Customer Reviews

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rauri finan
Presence compressor

Love the Colourupter. Always on for vocals, synths, bass, guitar... oddly enough last thing I use it on is drums/percussion... To me it's less of a distortion colour... and more of a gain boost / presence compressor.

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Shawn R

Colourupter Optical Disrupter Colour


This is a pretty great value for the "micro-distressor".
They make drum transients go splat in a beautiful way. Whether adding rich fuzz or just lightly warming up a track, Colourupters are worth exploring

Nathan Kleinwolterink
Huge sound and very useful

Very easy straight forward build. Took about 20 or 30 min. I'm using this in the colour preamp and I'm blown away at how big and punchy it sounds. So far I've tracked a baritone acoustic guitar using an EV ND66 and it really brought out the depth and grit of the instrument. I also tracked a drum machine and just about maxing out the colourupter, the whole kit was explosive with punchy bass and a nice bit of dirt that never made things muddy and everything stayed very neat and maintained definition. Very happy with this little board and a satisfying project to break out the iorn for🤘

Pop DaSilva
The Colourupter is AWESOME!!!

If any colour adds the most color its the Colourupter. I liked it so much I had to buy a second one-tracking/mixing-im even playing bass direct thru it!

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