Louder Than Liftoff

Mass Drivr American Console Colour


The Mass Drivr brings classic American console sound to the Colour format. The circuit is inspired by the Model 325 Line Amplifer used throughout vintage API* recording consoles of the 70's. A custom, steel transformer driven by a discrete opamp adds density and weight to everything that passes through it.


  1. Inspired by Model 325 Line Amplifier used in vintage API* consoles
  2. Custom American made steel output transformer
  3. Integrated 2520-style Rogue Six discrete op amp

Assembled and tested by Louder Than Liftoff.

*API is a registered trademark of Automated Processes, Inc.

Real analog plugins.

Colour is a new format for analog audio gear designed for and by the DIY community. We took our favorite sounding analog circuits and put them on modules that are small, affordable, and swappable.

The Colour format consists of Colours and Palettes:

Colours are ultra-compact, pluggable analog circuit blocks that impart various types of analog color. Check out our ever-growing selection of Colours. Colours can be designed and released by anyone.

Palettes provide controls, power, and support circuitry for Colours. We currently offer the Colour 500 Palette and CP5 Mic Preamp with Colour.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love this thing to bits!!!

this has been filling out tone on lead vocals wonderfully since it arrived! works smashingly on drums and bass as an insert too!

Jeremy Anderson
Classic Umph

I'm a huge API fan and even side by side, Mass Drivr delivers majorly. From gentle settings to add low end support to medium settings to add more weight and body to even high settings for interesting overload texture - this thing has mojo. I love it and use it on 95% of my tracks when tracking. True workhorse.

Christoph Hörmann
Workhorse Colour

I use this colour in a CP5 and use it primarily for reamping bass and all sorts of electric guitars (from clean to heavy). I love what it does to distorted guitars - tames the "wobbely" lomids on palm mutes and gives the guitars a nice gritty/edgy sound!

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