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Get started with DIY and build your own professional reamping box with our most popular kit. The L2A is a rugged, sonically transparent re-amplifier that just happens to be a DIY kit. It's also a simple, fun DIY kit that happens to be an excellent piece of studio gear.

Unrivaled feature set


The L2A is the only passive re-amplifier to feature a Neutrik combo XLR/TRS input jack. No need to grab a TRS-to-XLR adapter.

The L2A’s three-way filter switch makes re-amping any source imaginable a breeze. The low-pass filter (LPF) tames high-frequencies, useful for mellowing out guitars and other bright sources, while the high-pass filter (HPF) is perfect for tidying up the low-end and sub-bass frequencies.

Kit Includes

  • Neutrik COMBO XLR/TRS input jack
  • Transformer custom wound in the USA
  • Filter stage with Bypass, 1Khz LPF, and 160Hz HPF settings
  • Super-durable enclosure made from architectural aluminum
  • Circuit board custom designed for beginners
  • Metal-film 1% tolerance resistors
  • 21-detent stepped potentiometer (volume knob)
  • Every nut, bolt, and wire needed to complete the project

The fun part

Designed specifically for DIY beginners, the L2A presents no risk of electrical shock, consists of only a few parts, and can be built in about 30 minutes. Step-by-step instructions are available at

Estimated build time: 30 minutes

Make something great


The L2A multiplies the sonic possibilities of your recording setup by letting you plug the output from your computer, mixer, or tape machine into your guitar amps and effects pedals. Suddenly, all of your guitar gear becomes another set of tools for adding excitement, depth, and harmonic saturation to your pre-recorded audio.

Input Impedance 10k
Output Impedance 15k
THD+N <0.05% @ 1K Hz
Filter Freqs 160Hz HPF, 1kHz LPF

What the pros are saying

“If you are considering a DIY build but are a little intimidated I highly recommend the [L2A]. You’ll have a blast. Even if you aren’t thrilled about building your own gadget, I’d take a serious look at it. It’s a hell of a tool and the price is right.”
- Brandon Drury, Recording Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Nille Svensson
Fantastic kit

I have not had the time to try it out yet, but as far as DIY-kits go this is one of the best ones i’ve encountered. High quality components, very nice casing, almost insultingly comprehensive online instructions and a feel of quality and carefulness throughout.

Brand Inman
Fun kit with great features

Finished the kit in less than an hour. Worked perfectly the first time I used it. The filtering functionality is a great addition. Thanks for making such an easy to build unit!

David Chung
Easy to build and sounds great

This comes with easy to follow along directions. The volume knob comes handy to match your regular guitar -> amp signal vs going audio interface to amp signal.

I found solder one pin then remelting the solder while pressing down on each part make it easier to keep things flush. I found it worked better hoping bent pins would hold parts steady when soldering.

Dennis Rivadeneira
Amazing value

Really easy kit that gives big results. What an awesome little problem solver. Thank you!

Quick Build, Excellent Results

This one is a no-brainer. Half the cost of any other reamp box out there, fun and easy to build and good looking too. Tool me about 15mins to assemble and works like a charm. The ground lift is excellent too, my Egnater Tweaker 15 head/ cab was humming & buzzing with the gain turned up for the particular reamp situation I tested it on, flipped the switch and it was dead quiet. Can’t beat that when using a tube amp with the gain cranked up. I have built a few of DIYre’s products, the Colour Palette, L2A, L2P, Opamps (these are a challenge) and a couple Colour Modules. All were fun to build, work perfectly, sound great and look sexy too. The online instructions are clearly written and easy to understand. I highly recommend ALL their products, the sound quality is top notch, crisp and clean. I will say a Multimeter is a must on the more complex builds. Especially of you’re colorblind like me. Makes separating and sorting the resistors, caps & diodes much easier. I also highly recommend their soldering station, it works great and the heat adjustment is a must for PCB work. One thing I would add to their instructions is when soldering in any of their XLR jacks double check that they are FULLY SEATED BEFORE SOLDERING. They tend to lean one way or the other and if not fully seated properly the end cover(s) will NOT fit properly and you will be desoldering and resoldering them. A small gripe. Thanx again for another solid piece of affordable studio gear !

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