L2P Passive Line Attenuator Kit


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Get the most out of your mic preamps. Use your preamps as line-level saturation devices, or pad their output so you can drive them harder.

The L2P is a two-channel, balanced line/mic pad with two attenuation options. The -10dB setting is perfect for padding the output of mic preamps so you can run them hot without clipping your converters. The -30dB setting is a "line-to-mic" pad that allows you to run tracks directly from your audio interface or mixer to the inputs of your preamps.


  • Selectable -10dB or -30dB pads
  • Two channels
  • Excellent matching between channels for stereo operation
  • Line-to-mic pad 
Input Impedance 8.1k/5.5k (line out / mic out)
Output Impedance 2.7k/150
Attenuation 10dB/30dB, selectable
Noise Floor -113dBu/-115dBu (line out / mic out)


Kit Contents:

  • Amphenol XLR jacks
  • Xicon 1% metal film resistors
  • Enclosure extruded from 6063 "architectural" aluminum
  • Anodized black finish
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    James North
    Super Useful Tool for Modern DAWs

    I have 5 of these little boxes and they do a great job of allowing you to get stereo pairs out of your DAW and into some preamps. A secret shortcut for young players. Super easy build, even for someone who might be a first time DIYer.

    Matthew McGovern
    Fun to solder

    Don't inhale the fumes

    Scott Hudson
    Great product!

    Good for beginners, easy for any intermediate builder. Works perfect to send signals to a mic preamp from my DAW

    Good for taming down vintage preamps

    I have an old tube preamp that hits my ADAT interface pretty hard, even at low volume. At -10dB I can bring my main volume up to high noon and still have -3dB headroom on my faders without sacrificing tone. Very transparent.

    Dillon Mckee
    Secret Weapon

    This is awesome. It unlocks so much in mixing and even production. I love the fact I can send my 808 into any of my pres and gain some wonderful flavor.

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