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FA38 Aubergine Console Colour


In 1971 Trident Studios found themselves in need of particular console that nobody else could provide. So they designed their own. The result was the rarest, most mythical range of consoles ever made. Only 13 of these purple consoles were ever delivered, but the beautiful sound of its preamps and EQs was enough to cement their place in recording history.

The FA38 is a loving recreation of the most colorful circuitry from this console’s channel strip. Everything that passes through this class-A transistor circuit sounds a bit fuller, wider, and more finished. And at very high gains, the circuit breaks up beautifully with a wooly, bass-heavy saturation.

The FA38 is designed by Ken Pearsall of Fetish Audio who has spent years working on and repairing these famous consoles in world-class studios.


  • Actual circuitry from the console channel strip
  • Signature class-A transistor sound
  • All components hand picked to match the console
  • Compatible with the Colour format
  • Purple PCB
  • Full, step-by-step assembly instructions and support

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Richard Lam

Just got this but liking it right away. Brings nice fullness at subtle levels and I like way it acts on a full kit when you push it, adding some teeth to the bass drum without trashing out the snare and cymbals. That aspect is unique for Colour, making it a very welcome addition to the Colour lineup.

Tamer Karaman
Nice thick tone

It does definitely add a vibe of mid thickness to the tone which is very pleasing, however (unless my unit arrived faulty) the Colour Palette format generally seems to be quite noisy. Not a fault of this particular product as all my cards exhibit the same thing, just my experience of the format in general

rauri finan
Flatten spacer

I haven’t spent a ton of time with the FA38…but so far I’ve found it to kind of flatten and evenly space out whatever I pass through it in a very subtle but pleasing way. If I can try to describe it another way…It subtly applies EQ to the signal in a way I probably would have overdone the EQ… hope that helps.

John Griggs
Another winner

Adds weight and polish, nicely wooly and woofy when pushed. Nice quick build as well.

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