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Hot Holder Pro Soldering Aid


The Hot Holder Pro is a soldering aid that takes the frustration out of soldering jacks, switches, and wires. Invented and manufactured by Austin Microphones in the US, The Hot Holder Pro is a solid block of flexible silicone with grippy precision holes for audio connectors, parts, wires, and small circuit boards.

Perfect for holding soldering work:

  • Sticks to bench surface
  • Grips parts tightly without scratching
  • Nothing sticks to it—not glue, not paint, not solder
  • Zero residue
  • Won't melt
  • Doesn't wick heat

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Michael Schwartz
Indispensable Tool

This is my second hot holder, now the pro version. The first got stolen from a show after some emergency cable repairs. Don’t leave home without one.


Hot Holder Pro Soldering Aid


This is an excellent tool for the mobile or shop solderer. I just rewired an outboard studio rack with limited space to work in and this thing saved my life. I would've had to find a very creative solution or grow more hands to compete the project without this block. It's heavier than I expected, which is great because it won't tip over if you put it on its side to tin wires or solder XLR connectors. I soldered on the floor with just this block and an iron and it was a breeze! Yes this is expensive, but it's worth every penny.

Robert Harris
Fantastic tool

So glad I bought this. It’s brilliant.

Hank Schepers
Trade Up

Love this thing. Just wish I could trade up my older version for the new one!

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