BLU-18 Discrete Opamp Kit (Archive)

This kit contains all components necessary to build a BLU-18 op-amp. This is without a doubt, the simplest discrete opamp kit available on the market today. All the heavy lifting is done for you courtesy of the pre-mounted SMT components.

The BLU-18 is an SMT adaptation of Whistle Rock Audio's popular ML918 opamp.

Although, a mostly SMT discrete opamp may seem unorthodox, you can be assured that all the components in the BLU-18 have been carefully selected with a no-compromise approach. The performance of this opamp is on par with its PTH counterpart!

All surface-mount resistors are Susumu thin-film resistors and all capacitors are Murata C0G/NP0 types for the lowest noise and distortion achievable.

Like all Whistle Rock Audio discrete opamps, the BLU-18 is fully compatible with the ML12 preamp and will give you plenty of clean, beautiful gain.


  • Supply voltage: +/-12 to +/-24V
  • Quiescent current draw: < +/-15mA @ +/-16V
  • Dimensions (LxW): 1.1"x1.1"
  • Height: 0.95" from the tip of pins to top of output transistors / 0.625 from lowest solder joint to top of output transistors
  • Gold finished pins
  • Standard 990 / 2520 footprint
  • High current output
  • Carefully selected quality components throughout