Extender Cable Assembly Guide

Assembly Instructions

Disassemble XLR Plugs

Unscrew the XLR plugs and separate the parts. Make sure to keep the parts for the male and female plugs separate.

Place Plug Bottoms of Cable

Place the bottom parts of both plugs over the cable. This is very important—if you solder the plugs before placing these on the cable you'll have to desolder and start over!

Cut Insulation

Use wire cutters to cut the gray insulation around the cable. Make sure not to cut any of the wires in the cable.

Remove Insulation

Remove about 1" (25mm) of insulation from each end of the cable.

Remove Insulation from Wires

Use wire strippers to remove about 1/4" (6mm) of insulation from each wire.

Tin Wires

Tin each wire by heating it and then adding a bit of solder. Tin the whole length of the silver wire with no insulation.

Assemble Plugs

Solder the tinned wires first to one XLR plug, then the other. Solder the non-insulated wire to the chassis, pin 1. For the rest of the pins, you can use any color, just make sure you use the same color for that pin on the other XLR plug. Once you have soldered all the pins, screw the XLR plugs back together.