DIY Recording Equipment

60W Soldering Station


We found a great deal on a quality soldering station, so we're passing it along to you.

This incredibly capable budget station is perfect for getting into DIY. It heats up fast, stays hot even on big pads and XLR pins, and comes with two extra tips.


  • Adjustable temperature
  • Soldering iron holder
  • Tip cleaning sponge
  • Heats up fast!
  • Includes two replacement tips (model 900-M-T-B)
  • 392-896°F temperature range
  • For AC 110V/120V 60Hz wall power
  • 1 year warranty

Note: Because of its size and power requirements, we don't ship this soldering station outside the United States.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Steven Lopez
Super fast

I turned it on and in seconds I was soldering stuff. So far best soldering iron and at a super cheap price too.

Michele Claussen

This item was sent out Dec 6th and it is now Dec 20th and it is still not here, so hard to review. You may consider shipping through someone else.

Michael Kuper
Great Little Unit

Used it for the first time today. What a great value! The pilot light goes out when it reaches the selected temperature and alternately lights up and goes out as it maintains the desired temperature. The extra tips are a nice touch - I used the pointed tip and also one of the chisel tips. I highly recommend this product.

Great Station, Great Price

Bought this when I bough my first kit. Heck of a value at $40us. Worked flawlessly and coming with extra tips was a bonus. The tip size is near perfect for all size joints. Could have used a slightly smaller sized tip on the risers when I built the Palette, but that’s just my opinion, the included one did the job no problem. Highly recommend including this Soldering Station with your order if you don’t have one or if you don’t have one with selectable heat range. DIYre rocks ! Can’t wait to build my next kit(s)

Surprisingly good soldering station - highly recommended

Peterson found something special here. Sub $50 (as long as your order is above the free shipping minimum) when on sale - good luck finding a soldering solution at this quality point for even double the price. Rock solid temp control, confidence-inspiring construction and ergonomics, and the tips (with 2 spare included) seem like they were custom made for DIYRE projects. This was an impulse buy during the period following Black Friday, and I have been (very) pleasantly surprised with the price/quality combination of this station. Replacement tips, once you need them, are super easy and inexpensive to find as well.

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