Bumblebee Pro Audio

Bb-D2 Active DI Kit (Discontinued)

We no longer carry the Bb-D2 kit. To purchase the kit please see Bumblebee Audio.

The Bb-D2 is a premium direct box that reflects Bumblebee Audio's no-compromise design attitude. The active circuitry is all discrete, featuring matched JFETs, and the output transformer is a custom designed to compliment the active stage.

All of this sweating the details has resulted in a world-class DI that captures instruments with natural clarity and just a tiny bit of analog finesse. The JFET input stage ensures a high input impedance, making the DI great for high-Z sources such as passive guitar/bass pickups, Rhodes, and piezos.

The Bb-D2 is also beginner friendly. The comes with every part needed to build the DI and is accompanied by a step-by-step instruction guide.


  • Neutrik connectors
  • Exceptionally high input impedance of 10 MOhms
  • Powered by +48V phantom power
  • Electronic ground lift for breaking ground loops
  • Discrete transistor-based
  • Drilled and punched, powder coated and silk-screened enclosure

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