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Colourupter Optical Disrupter Colour


The Colourupter brings the unique mojo of XQP Audio's Optical Disrupter to the Colour format. At the heart of the Colourupter's sound is a classic optical compressor employed in a deviously non-traditional way: instead being converted to a DC control voltage, the audio signal is sent directly to the side chain. This "incorrect" implementation paired with the natural character of the optical element yields a soft, asymmetrical distortion that remains musical even at extreme gain settings.


  • Optical element gently slopes waveform without hard clipping
  • Emphasis on bass harmonics creates a larger-than-life low end
  • Compatible with the Colour 500-Series Palette
  • Full, step-by-step assembly instructions and guaranteed support


See audio tab for more samples.

Customer Reviews

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This does exactly what I need it do. Very useful in adding color and grit. After a few months of use, I find myself engaging this colour when I need more out an instrument track or vocal. While I don’t use this for every session, it is that one tool that I count on for an immediate result inside my mix recording chain.

Robert Skelton

I still favor the 15 ips. But there is definitely a place for all these colors. I am still learning how to apply each one but for now, I can say I look forward to a myriad of possibilities. The sounds of all these diyre products have changed my game in order of magnitude and gained me new clients. So there is that.

rauri finan
Presence compressor

Love the Colourupter. Always on for vocals, synths, bass, guitar... oddly enough last thing I use it on is drums/percussion... To me it's less of a distortion colour... and more of a gain boost / presence compressor.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Shawn R

Colourupter Optical Disrupter Colour


This is a pretty great value for the "micro-distressor".
They make drum transients go splat in a beautiful way. Whether adding rich fuzz or just lightly warming up a track, Colourupters are worth exploring

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