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The Mojo Maestro is a Colour creation from Audio Expert Ethan Winer. Ethan published the Mojo Maestro circuit in AudioXPress Magazine to show that, "there’s no reason to pay thousands of dollars [...] just to get some subtle distortion." And now Ethan has graciously made his circuit available for the Colour format.

The Mojo Maestro is a tried-and-true, diode distortion circuit with several options for customization. In "Glue" mode it provides gentle saturation that can warm up sterile tracks, while "Mojo" mode pumps up the gain for intense, guitar-pedal distortion.

The clipping style can also be customized to "SYM" (symmetrical) or "ASYM" (asymmetrical). In SYM mode both clipping diodes are engaged to clip both the top and bottom of the wave. This mode generates even harmonics (2nd, 4th, etc.) and is the more aggressive of the two. In ASYM mode, one of the diodes is taken out of circuit so that only one side of waveform is clipped. This creates both odd and even harmonics, and preserves more of the integrity of the original signal than symmetrical clipping.

Besides sounding great, the Mojo Maestro makes a great sandbox in which to experiment with circuits and distortion.


  • Designed by Ethan Winer
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping modes
  • "Glue" and "Mojo" gain modes
  • Compatible with the Colour format
  • Kit includes all components required

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John Michael Ford

Mojo Maestro Passive Clipping Colour

Mervin Rijo
Oh wow!

this is my first module for the Colour pallet, I have it set on the Mojo and Asymetrical, this have me hook.. I only can say WOW!!!

Ruben Schneider
Another Gem for the Colour Palette!

What a great little colour! I suggest you read the original article by Ethan Winer. It really explains what these distortion devices really do and how it is actually very basic technology. That makes it absolutely perfect as a Colour and the instant 3D depth and 'edge' it gives to any source is simply incredible. I bought two so I can slap it on a buss too and you just can't go wrong with these. Assymetrical Mojo mode gives it that juicy 'thing' that most of us miss in the digital domain. Especially distortion and heavy compression still sound so much better analog. The Palette with a selection of Colours is really an easy and affordable way to enhance a small studio that mainly works in the box. Highly recommended.

The build is easy as always, with clear instructions. High quality parts and PCB. Really can't go wrong with these, especially at this price-point.

- Ruben from Amsterdam

Matthew Sullivan
Excellent Procedural Construction

The Mojo Maestro consists of a superior quality board, parts matching chart, and simple 4 stage construction. Can be built in 45 minutes.

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