500EXT 500 Series Extender Kit


The 500EXT allows you to test and calibrate your 500-series modules without reaching into your rack. One end plugs into a slot in your rack, while the other provides a socket for any 500-series module.


  • Compatible with all 500-series modules and racks
  • Test pads for checking power rails
  • 10" pre-assembled ribbon extender cable
  • Only three parts to solder


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Peter Anthan
Works Great

Easy to assemble, and works as described. If you need to calibrate or work on a 500-series module, this is a no-brainer. Great solution!

Caleb Kallander
Great unit at a great price with fast shipping

Needed an extender for another diy 500 module I was calibrating. This kit came quickly and was able to be assembled within half an hour and works well. Good length to be able to work on module.

Marco Trosi
wow, what a cable

this cable is amazing, it transports the electrons so softly and silently, and with its stunning colors and length it's a must-have in every 500 module workshop. it's also vegan and gluten-free and fits in your pocket. go and get one

Elliot Knapp
Gets the job done

This is an easy, fast build, and it gets the job done in terms of what you're buying it for. That said, it's not amazing in terms of user experience.

There's pretty much no way to insert the card into your rack without having at least two modules removed, and the actual surface area of the card is quite small, so you pretty much have to line it up perfectly, probably with both hands, your only options for pushing it in are the small amount of card edge that's exposed, or the soldered connector. Not a great design to require the user to apply stress to soldered components. It would be much better if there was some kind of extension to the card that allowed it to be easily installed from the front of the rack, like a handle that's attached to both ends of the card. Additionally, we're told to orient the card so specific lettering faces down--why not just print an arrow on the PCB?

The extender serves its purpose but can't be easily swapped in and out of a rack without unloading modules, so it's kind of a pain unless you want a floppy dongle permanently installed in your rack.

Matt E
Essential tool

This is a necessity for me when I am trying to dial in sounds. This extender gives me the ability to quickly and easily swap out colour modules (and it works with any 500-series module). I have two and it they are almost always employed on a channel or two.

It's also a great way to build soldering skills.

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