Primary Colours Bundle

$400.00 $424.00

Get a Palette kit loaded with our three most popular Colours for a truly radical price.

The Primary Colours Bundle brings the classic sounds of tape, transformers, and transistors to your studio in a single 500-series module. And it just might be the greatest deal in pro audio.

The bundle contains:

Colour 500-Series Palette mkII Kit
Ultra-transparent host for three Colours with input drive and output trim controls


15IPS mkII Kit
Magnetic tape simulator featuring a low-end tape "bump" and germanium diodes


CTX mkII Kit
Classic sound of "iron" with a custom Cinemag transformer


JFT mkII Kit
Musical, class-A transistor saturation

What the Pros are Saying

"I have [the Primary Colours] in my main mono chain and have it on whenever I want to fatten up the sound some more. It’s really nice to have another option for coloring tracks and the different sounds are useful. Often though I’ll just put all three on. Using them mostly for guitar and synth tracks but I had them on a violin track last week and it made for a nice scratchy, detailed violin track."

-Ruban Nielson
Unknown Mortal Orchestra

"The Colour system is a fascinating example of what can be done with analogue electronics, and produces some great textures. If you have a 500-series with space for another module or two, this is a no-brainer."

-Mike Hillier

"I can't say enough good things about Colour. This product embodies everything Tape Op is about. It's rooted in DIY; it sounds good; and it's inexpensive, novel, fun, and wide open for experimentation. Right on."

-Scott Evans
TapeOp Magazine #107

"...the whole concept and execution works brilliantly: DIYRE’s Colour platform is a great way to add a little analogue character to your setup, or to dip those first tentative toes into the world of DIY."

-Matt Houghton
Sound on Sound Magazine

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I built this bundle a few weeks ago as my first-ever step into the DIY audio world. I was ecstatic when it powered up on the first try, and it sounded fantastic when I tracked a small test-jam of drums, fretless bass and guitar through it.

The initial enthusiasm hasn’t really faded. The Colours each sound far more detailed and organic than any of the vast arrays of plugins I own. As a concept, just having three tasty saturators in series to blend to taste without yet another preamp is brilliant.

On top of all this, the build process (which was flawlessly documented and very satifying) has given me the confidence and experience to try more difficult builds. Between that, the beautifully designed PCBs, Peterson’s friendly mail contact, and the gentle pricing, I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t buy this if you have a lunchbox with a free slot. I also can’t think of any reason to give less than five stars. Perfection.

Addictive build great sound!

Amazingly satisfying to build and start running your tracks through. I really enjoyed the build process which I did for two units over a couple days. They look great, the knobs feel great. The sound is awesome (I've just started experimenting with different sources and different combinations of color). The colors interact differently with each other and different sources like bass vocals or a full mix.

LOVE these

So subtle, but so necessary. I built the primary colours bundle and they add just the right touch where needed. I especially like it on DI inputs from my UA Ox, the 15 IPS and CTX remove a bit of the harshness and just make it sound so much better. It's subtle enough that you can stack it on several tracks, and that's where the magic happens. If you're looking for a heavy-handed magic pixie-dust box this isn't it, but patience and thoughtful application across an entire project will be rewarding.

love it

i went with primary colours. lived up to its expectations. all the colour and grit of consoles tape etc without the price tag, or unneccessary extras, in a small form factor. affordable and quality. would do it again.

fun project!

i loved doing this project. this was my second DIY project and i completed it with very little issue. i’ll be back for more :)

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