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Get the most out of your ribbon and dynamic mics in the studio or for your podcast. The MB2 is a two-channel inline mic booster with better performance than more expensive competitors.

Boosted performance. Sometimes ribbon and dynamic mics need a little more gain than a typical mic preamp can provide. In these cases the MB2 provides 26dB of extra gain with ultra-low noise and distortion.

The MB2’s high input impedance is optimized to capture the full audio spectrum of ribbon mics without damping the ribbon. And MB2’s buffered, low-impedance outputs are great for driving long cable runs without noise or gain loss.

Superior specs. Don’t be fooled by the low price—the MB2’s premium parts and no-compromise design make for better specs than the leading inline mic boosters.

($150/channel) ($90/channel) MB2 ($50/channel)
Output Impedance 6.8kΩ 6.7kΩ 10kΩ
Distortion (THD+N) .01% .038% .005%
Noise (EIN) -122dBV -122dBV -127dBV
Gain 10-26dB* 12-27dB* 26dB

*Actual gain depends on input impedance of preamp following booster


  • Factory-matched LSK170 JFETs
  • 26dB of clean gain
  • 10k Ohms input impedance is great for ribbon mics
  • Gain is the same no matter which preamp the MB2 is paired with
  • Lower noise and distortion than other leading mic boosters
  • Protects mics from phantom power
  • Super-durable enclosure made from architectural aluminum
  • Metal-film 1% tolerance resistors
  • +48v phantom powered
  • Neutrik XLR jacks
  • Every nut, bolt, and wire needed to complete the project
  • Step-by-step manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Kris Redus
Best Bang-For-Your-Buck Mic Booster on the Market!

This thing is so great! I've built two of these and they live on the signal chain for my passive ribbon mics - gets them up to a really useable gain level without any extra noise. This is a really easy build - the best directions out of any DIY audio kit I've built. And since you're getting two channels, this ends being the most affordable mic booster solution on the market. Can't recommend highly enough!

Extremely useful tool at a fraction of the cost

I hardly am one to do reviews but once again DIYRE put out an incredibly good product at a *very* reasonable price and I just have to give kudos to them!

The build is quite easy if you have basic soldering skills and a little bit of time, and when you are done you are left with a quality mic booster with lots of gain and low noise. I have some vintage ribbons I've been wanting to use on quieter sources for a while and the MB2 makes it possible without having to drive some of my preamps hard and imparting too much character to the sources. It sounds great and I couldn't be happier! DIYRE always puts out quality products, and this is just another testament of that.

Shan Cousrouf
Nice tool.

No problems with build or components. Tested with one mic and everything works. Looking forward to recording and trying the rest of my mics. Recommended.


This booster is so great I built 2 and use them all the time. For $100 you get two great channels of ULTRA-CLEAN GAIN. One of those blue painted ones will set you back $150 for just one channel. Those who know me are aware of my fondness of ribbons. I have used these on my modern AEA's as well as on my Coles 4038 and my vintage RCA and EV ribbons. They also work great on EV-RE20s and Shure SM7bs. With a 10Kohm input impedance they are a perfect match for ribbons. And as a bonus, you make it yourself, so not only do you have arguably one of the best mic boosters money can buy for less than most others, you learn something and have some fun in the process. Easy to follow instructions and well well designed kit may assembly easy, even for beginners.

Connor Boyle
Very useful device at nearly 1/3 the price of similar products (Cloudlifter CL-2, etc)

I bought the MB2 after purchasing an SM7B knowing from experience that the mic's low output makes them close to unusable with consumer level preamps. I am very, very happy with the MB2, especially from a value perspective. It works great and was easy to build (not a lot of soldering experience is needed, plus their guide lays out every step very clearly). I am looking forward to my next DIYRE purchase!

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