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FA38 Aubergine Console Colour


In 1971 Trident Studios found themselves in need of particular console that nobody else could provide. So they designed their own. The result was the rarest, most mythical range of consoles ever made. Only 13 of these purple consoles were ever delivered, but the beautiful sound of its preamps and EQs was enough to cement their place in recording history.

The FA38 is a loving recreation of the most colorful circuitry from this console’s channel strip. Everything that passes through this class-A transistor circuit sounds a bit fuller, wider, and more finished. And at very high gains, the circuit breaks up beautifully with a wooly, bass-heavy saturation.

The FA38 is designed by Ken Pearsall of Fetish Audio who has spent years working on and repairing these famous consoles in world-class studios.


  • Actual circuitry from the console channel strip
  • Signature class-A transistor sound
  • All components hand picked to match the console
  • Compatible with the Colour format
  • Purple PCB
  • Full, step-by-step assembly instructions and support

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

love this one. saturates the lows nicely, adds a nice general weight to things. i now have 4 of them and i run everything through them, some things at low to moderate levels, other things full up.

Robert Skelton
It is doing things for my tracking I didn't expect.

I mean great things. No complaints. I'm hoping for more products and expansions. I now have a rack of six units. It's fun to take care of embellishments on the way in. Hardly much mixing this way. Thank you DIYRE team. Now... more please

Cmon boii

“Adding some teeth” and “definitely add a vibe” — oh boy, it’s like those snob wine connoisseurs saying nonsense about nutty-earthy tones on their palate. “Though, I find that I engage this module, even if turned very low, on just about everything!” Yeah, throw it on everything; you can’t even describe what it does, but let’s just throw it on all tracks. Horses for courses, as they say… “It subtly applies EQ to the signal in a way I probably would have overdone the EQ” — at least this guy has a point. These little circuits are boosting and cutting frequencies here and there. It’s nothing that can’t be done with a stock plugin of any DAW. There is no mojo, no magic, no “warmth,” and all that illusory nonsense that people hear in the pro audio world. Countless blind tests have proved that you cannot tell the difference between a $50, a $500, and a $xxxx high-end preamp (SOS pick a preamp - Google it). There is a blind test on a $20 Behringer dynamic mic that has been chosen as the best by most of the vocalists involved (Google it, XM8500 blind test). Wake up and stop wasting money on gear; it does not make you a better musician at all.

I Love It!

I find that I like this at about 25-30% on many sources, particularly bass and vocals. Though, I find that I engage this module, even if turned very low, on just about everything! In response to a previous reviewer, without actually measuring the noise floor, my unit is audibly silent.

Richard Lam

Just got this but liking it right away. Brings nice fullness at subtle levels and I like way it acts on a full kit when you push it, adding some teeth to the bass drum without trashing out the snare and cymbals. That aspect is unique for Colour, making it a very welcome addition to the Colour lineup.

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