3630 Parts Upgrade Kit (Archive)

This product is discontinued. This page is just here for archival purposes.

The Alesis 3630 is a budget, stereo compressor that features solid design principles, but is held back by some sub-par components. Replacing these components with our Parts Upgrade Kit improves the 3630's noise floor, bass response, and high-end detail.

Got questions? We've got answers in the 3630 Parts Upgrade Kit FAQ.


  • THAT Corp. Blackmer VCA
  • Silver mica caps
  • Panasonic FR-series coupling caps, chosen by ear
  • Larger power-supply caps for improved bass response
  • Complete, step-by-step instructions

Note: Make sure your 3630 isn't a "Rev D" or already modified! Open up your unit and check the ICs U2 and U3 (highlighted here). If these ICs say "DBX" you're good to go; if they say "THAT" your unit is a Rev D or has been modded and you probably won't get much mileage out of this kit.


For better audio quality, click through to Soundcloud to download .wav files. 


3630 Parts Upgrade Manual