Last Ditch Repair Service

Our first priority at DIYRE is to see your DIY project succeed. That's why try to make the best step-by-step guides and offer email support. However, sometimes even the best of us get stuck. That's where our "Last Ditch" Repair Service comes in.

The Repair Process

After you've done your best to build and troubleshoot your kit:

  • Contact us via the form below to request a repair.
  • We'll respond with an RA # number and a prepaid return shipping label.
  • Once we receive your return, we'll repair your kit within two weeks.
  • We'll send you a bill for the repair cost and shipping.
  • Once we receive your payment, we'll send your working kit back to you.

Pricing and Payment

The total cost for the repair service is 40% of the cost of the kit plus round-trip shipping. The cost of replacement parts is included in this price. Payment is due after we've successfully repaired your kit, before return shipping.

Supported Kits Only

We can only repair kits that we at DIYRE designed and support. Look for the the "Supported" check box on the product page.

"Last Ditch" Only

We offer repairs as zero-profit service to our customers because we want you to be happy with your DIYRE product. So we ask that you only use this service after you've built the kit completely and have given troubleshooting your best shot. That is, this is not an assembly service.


We warranty our repair work for one year after the repair. This doesn't cover any damage or malfunctions not related to the original repair.

We reserve the right to refuse repair for any kit. We've never done this, but we put it here just in case.

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