Tone Cube Studio Monitor Kit (Archive)

This product is discontinued. This page is just here for archival purposes.

The Tone Cube kit makes it easy and affordable to build your own studio monitors inspired by the classic 5C Super Sound Cubes. With only some wood clamps, glue, and a solder iron, you can add a detailed, midrange-focused, real-world perspective to your monitoring setup.

Tone Tone Cube Partial Kit

Because we were unable to source our preferred driver for this kit, we will only be offering the Tone Cube as a partial kit in limited quantities. The partial kit includes:

  • Precision-routed speaker cabinet panels. CNC-cut and rabbited from 1/2"" thick MDF, including the connector and speaker cutouts
  • Gold plated, combination banana/binding post connector
  • Neoprene foam isolation pad
  • 8x Connector mounting screws
  • 2x Quick-connect crimp terminals
  • 2x Pre-cut, 18 gauge hookup wires

Building the Woodworker's kit requires at least the following tools:

  • Wood clamps and glue
  • Screw driver or power drill
  • Soldering iron

DIY by Design

We carefully designed every element of the Tone Cube kit to make building it as fun and satisfying as possible. We prototyped numerous speaker cabinet designs before settling one the easiest to assemble. We've routed the connector cutout and drilled pilot holes to make it easy to mount the combination banana/binding post connector perfectly in center of the back panel. The wires from the driver mate with the connector via quick-connect crimp terminals, allowing you to remove or swap drivers without any soldering. And finally, the neoprene isolating foam comes pre-trimmed and adhesive-backed so that installing it is as easy as applying a sticker.

Both the Woodworker's and full kit ship un-assembled and require some woodworking and soldering experience. Please read the Tone Cube assembly guide for more information about the tools and skills required.