Z-In Preamplifier Input Control (Archive)

This product is discontinued. This page is just here for archival purposes.

The Z-In packs the controls and input features found in high-end microphone preamps into an affordable and portable package. Insert the Z-In between any of your dynamic mics and mic preamps for more complete control over your tone.


  • Input impedance control
  • Mic/Line input switch
  • Line input switch bypasses impedance control
  • Polarity switch
  • Neutrik XLR jacks
  • Anodized and laser-etched aluminum chassis
  • Step-by-step assembly instructions

For more about microphone impedance controls and how they affect tone, please see our video "How to Add an Input Impedance Control to Any Mic Preamp." Z-In is intended to work only with dynamic microphones and should not be used with microphones requiring phantom power.