Dirt & Grit Colour Bundle

$225.00 $258.95

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Temporarily Out of Stock. Unfortunately, the optical element at the heart of the Colourupter has been discontinued. We're searching for a replacement right now. Hopefully, this bundle will be back soon!

Dirty up your tracks with three unique and classic distortions.

Sometimes a little distortion is the perfect tool for making an element really cut through a mix. The Dirt & Grit Colour Bundle puts our three most aggressive distortion Colours at your fingertips during mixing.

The bundle contains:

Colour 500-Series Palette mkII Kit
Take complete control over the amount if distortion from each Colour with the Colour Palette mkII's individual stepped controls


JFT Class A Transistor Colour
The classic sound of a discrete, NOS transistor being driven to its limits


Colourupter Optical Disrupter Colour
A unique take on optical compression yields soft, musical distortion


Distortastudio Cassette 4-Track Colour
The deliciously dirty sound of 80's solid state amplifiers being overdriven 

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