Dirt & Grit Colour Kit Bundle

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Add some dirt to your tracks with three unique and classic distortions.

Sometimes a little distortion is the perfect tool for making an element really cut through a mix. The Dirt & Grit Colour Bundle puts our three most aggressive distortion Colours at your fingertips during mixing.

The bundle contains:

Colour 500-Series Palette mkII Kit
Take complete control over the amount of distortion from each Colour with the Colour Palette mkII's individual stepped controls


JFT Class A Transistor Colour mkII 
The classic sound of a discrete, NOS transistor being driven to its limits


Colourupter Optical Disrupter Colour
A unique take on optical compression yields soft, musical distortion


Distortastudio Cassette 4-Track Colour
The deliciously dirty sound of 80's solid state amplifiers being overdriven 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Worked first time

Yesterday I powered up the dirt and grit 500 palette and gave it a quick test. It seems to work and offered 3 useful types of saturation. Thanks!
There were a few unwelcome surprises in building this kit. First I found that my eyesight is not good enough to solder this. I had to buy a set of hobby glasses to wear over my glasses. Then it was ok.
Another was that the colourrupter requires calibration and the 500 series extender cable is necessary. If I had known this I would have brought it with the kit. Shipping to New Zealand is expensive and buying the extender cable afterwards would mean weeks of delay.
The total current consumption for the palette is 140mA but with the modules in it I assume the draw is an unknown amount more than this. My rack has 160mA per slot and it seems likely that the dirt and grit bundle will be close to this?
I want to stress that the world is a better place with diyre in it! Providing information about these details so builders better know what they are getting in to, will help secure the future of the company!

Hi Damian thanks for the review and feedback! To clarify, the maximum current draw with all Colour installed is 140mA. I'll make this more clear in the listing.

Nathaniel Livingston
Diyre for the win!

Really great sounding units. Super fun to build! Easy to follow instructions.

Such an innovative platform!

I'm gonna have so fun with this platform I can tell.

Anything that creates an opportunity for cross compatible formats in audio I think is a winner. The API 500 format initially did amazing things for the professional audio industry, and being able to swap in and out different modules into your modules is the next evolution of that. This really bridges the gap between the DIY world and the pro audio world and allows people who maybe wouldn't otherwise of been able to get into hardware really get the best of all worlds imho.

I'm already thinking of ways I can mix and match modules in creative ways, and what order to use them in etc.

Gene Wilcox
Well packaged, easy to identify parts

The assembly and soldering is going well. I am just a bit cheesed that a better
sale was started, could have saved a $100 and spent it on more modules.
will update when complete

Jeremy K.
Super Sick!

Easy to build, easy instructions. Great price, great sound! Can't wait to buy more modules for it.

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