HC1 High Current Headphone Amp


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The HC1 is simple, high-powered headphone amp that's easy to expand and customize to meet your monitoring needs.The HC1's unique circuit employs two amp stages in parallel for twice the output power. As a result, the HC1 sounds clean and clear even at high gain and when driving low-impedance headphones.

Because everyone's monitoring needs are different, the HC1 is designed to be customizable. The power and audio input connectors are screw terminals, so you can attach whichever jacks you need without soldering. You can also daisy chain multiple HC1s to make a multi-channel headphone amp.

The HC1 is a great project for intermediate builders who enjoy the challenge of choosing their own chassis and inputs.


  • High-current, dual-amp design
  • Screw terminals for power and audio input
  • Stereo, unbalanced audio input
  • Accepts 9v battery or DC wall-wart power input
  • Mounting holes for case mounting
  • Runs about 50 hours on a single 9V battery



  • Size: 2″ x 3.5″ (51 x 89mm)
  • Mounting Holes: 4x #4 (Ø.125", 3.2mm)


  • Input Impedance: 20kΩ
  • Current Draw: 10-20mA
  • Gain: 0-10dB (customizable)
  • Power Supply: 9 to 44VDC

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