SB-3A (DIY LA-3A) now taking pre-orders November 13, 2010 03:19 5 Comments

Last month we reported that Mike Pildis, creator of the SB4000 buss comp. project, was creating a new clone of the classic UREI LA-3A optical compressor. Pildis has now announced that he is taking pre-orders for kits and front panels.

SA-3A DIY optical comp

Prices and options:

  • Stereo PCB/transformer bundle, $300: contains two PCBs and 6 transformers (input, interstage, and output for each channel). Transformers are from Cinemag and Ed Anderson.
  • Front panel for 2RU stereo unit, $55
  • Stereo matched pair of transistors, $20
  • Power transformer, $25
  • Stereo component kit, $165: All of the electronic components needed to complete the build (does not include wire, VU meters, T4B optical cells)