One New Project for Every Day in February January 31, 2011 14:29 26 Comments

DIYRecordingEquipment will turn 5 months old tomorrow, and it's come a long way since last September. So far I've compiled just over 125 DIY recording equipment projects, but I know there are a lot more out there with new ones cropping up every week. But as you may have noticed, new projects have been showing up in the directory at an embarrassingly slow rate lately. This is partially due to some new features for the site I've been working on (keep an eye out for these later this month), but I know I could be doing more to make the database more complete. That's why I've decided to add at least one new project to the directory every day next month. I decided to make this goal public so I would be sure to stick to it!

To those on the mailing list, I will NOT be flooding your inbox with new projects every day. Rather, I'll post the new projects I've added each day in the comments for this post if you want to see what's new. If you know of any projects or features you'd like me to add to the site, please post them in the comments and I'll be sure to put them on my list.


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