Hamptone Unveils New, Low-Cost DIY Kits March 1, 2011 15:51

Scott Hampton, designer of such juicy preamps as the JFET HJFP2 and the tube HVTP2, has begun to release his long-promised low-cost kits for the Hamptone line. The new kits make the HJFP circuit available in more flexible and affordable options.
  • The first is the HJFP1 which adapts the HJFP mic preamp circuit to a one channel board.
  • Second is the HJFA multi-purpose preamp kit. The HJFA can amplify any HI-Z signal, such as an instrument, plate reverb pickup, etc. It runs off an included wallwart, according to Hampton, is at least as quiet as the preamp power supplies.
  • Finally, there's the new active HPDI that also incorporates the JFET amplifier circuit.
Fans of the Hamptone sound (myself included) will appreciate being able choose our own housing and power options for these amps. Each kit comes with mechanical layouts for putting together a chassis and Hampton is also planning a series of PSUs designed to power up to six HJFP1 modules. See more about the new kits at Hamptone.com.