Forgotten and Obscure DIY Link Roundup August 25, 2011 14:27

When I started this site a year ago, I reckoned there were maybe 100 or 150 recording-related DIY projects on the web to dig up and document. Hah! Let's all share a laugh on the naïveté of 2010 Peterson. To date, there are 228 projects in the directory, with at least 5 more discovered or created every day and added to the already-staggering backlog. Please enjoy these golden favorites from said backlog:

A shrine to the RCA MI-12188A, including instructions for restoring and modifying this 50's public-address amp.

A piezo pickup made literally from scratch. This build doesn't have a bill of materials, it has a recipe.

A clever adaptation of Rod Elliott's pink noise generator that runs on +48vdc phantom power and fits in an XLR barrel adaptor. Pink noise is a great tool for testing playback equipment and room acoustics.

NRG Recording's Soundcraft 2400 channel strip build. This is the first and only Soundcraft DIY project I've seen. Kudos to Frank for a unique and great-looking build.


DIY tape echo using old cassette heads. Brilliant!

vinyl diy chassis

The genius behind this sound generator build wins the "Classy Chassis" of the year award for his creative use of a warped vinyl record.