New Feature: Pre-Orders for Old Projects! August 30, 2011 14:33

Have you ever discovered an awesome project only to find that PCBs and kits haven't been offered for years? I get comments and emails weekly from people trying to track down products that are no longer in production. I also hear from designers who would be more than willing to do another run of kits, pcbs, front panels, etc. if they could be sure the interest was there to make back their investment. So today I'm introducing a new feature that will connect interested builders with those who can offer kits and pcbs. If you're interested in a new run of kits or pcbs for a certain project, simply navigate to the page for that project and enter your info in the pre-order form. Once enough people have expressed interest in that project, the designer will contact you about prices, shipping, etc. Of course there's no guarantee that PCB files, front panel art, etc. will be available to fulfill a pre-order for every project, but by that same token, you are not obligated to buy anything by simply leaving your contact info.