How to Build a DIY Reamping Box October 3, 2011 13:52 30 Comments

One of the most powerful tools for expanding your sonic pallet in the studio is a reamping box--a box that converts the output from your mixer/interface/tape machine to an instrument-level signal. Suddenly, all of your guitar amps, effects pedals, and synthesizers become effects for any signal you can throw at them. A reamping box is a great first-project for DIY beginners: it's totally passive (you can't shock yourself), there are a limited number of solder joints to make, and there's plenty of room to make those joints. For a better idea of what's involved in this build, check out the following video on how to make a simple reamping box:
Full kits for our popular reamping box, the LINE2AMP, are available from the store. For full assembly instructions, please see the LINE2AMP assembly guide.