DIY Mic Preamp Design: Interview with Mike Mabie of Hairball Audio March 2, 2012 10:38 1 Comment

lola hairball mic preamp

Sometime this month (March '12), Hairball Audio will drop a totally new mic preamp design called the "Lola." It's rare enough that we see an original design made specifically for the DIY world, so I wanted to talk to Mike about how it came about and what's involved in the design. The Lola is unique in being a fully differential design with input/output transformers and discrete opamps. Don't worry, Mike explains what "fully differential" means in the interview!

The Lola's fully differential design is derived from the "Double Balanced" mic pre design of Graeme Cohen. There's a lot of good stuff about Cohen and his preamp design at Leon Audio's website. Full and partial kits for the Lola will be available from Hairball Audio's website. Many thanks to Mike for granting me this interview!