DIYAC Ribbon Mic Kit One Time Offer March 6, 2012 22:58 54 Comments

Update 7/2014: Artur's RM-5 Ribbon Microphone full kits are now available from the DIYRE store! RM-5 Ribbon Microphone Kit

This month, I'm glad to be able to offer an exclusive DIY kit from ribbon mic designer Artur Fisher of DIY Audio Components (DIYAC). The kit is for Artur's RM-5 microphone, which I reviewed here and Jordan Reynolds reviewed for RecordingHacks. The RM-5 is a great mic, and I'm thrilled that Artur is offering it as a kit to the DIY community. However, he's only doing one run of kits and closing the pre-order on April 5th. You can order directly from DIYAC through the PayPal button below.

Some words on the kit from Artur:

"A little disclosure pre-story, why it goes so affordable. Metalworks contractor who is working on microphone bodies have made a mistake during last run, which resulted in slightly displaced slots. The group is well-aligned within itself, but has a slight shift towards the top of the microphone. This issue by itself does not have any emphasize on the audial performance of the microphone, but such bodies can't be used for commercial products - they got to be perfect to be offered to buyers. It would be bad if this run would end up as waste either, as these bodies work 100% as good as regular ones and are perfectly usable for DIY purposes. So, the agreement was made and contractor provided a significant discount for this run, which is reflected in final price of the kit. Photographs are actual, You will receive bodies and motors as displayed."
While RM-5 Ribbon Mic usually sells for €265, Artur will be offering basic kits for €99, including the mic body and hand-assembled ribbon motor. This kit includes everything needed to build an RM-5 ribbon mic, except for the output transformer. The Edcor RMX-1 output transformer and a custom shock mount are also available as add-ons to the basic kit. Worldwide shipping is free! Again, this is a one time offer. The pre-order will end on April 5th or when Artur runs out of kits, whichever happens first! Kits will ship from Artur's lab in Latvia by mid-April. More details about the RM-5 can be found at Feel free to contact Artur directly if You have any questions: info (at)