Dane Optical De-esser PCB/Chassis Offer April 19, 2012 22:18 2 Comments

In the 90's Dane Tate sold his unique Optical De-esser #31 to a small number of raving fans in the pro audio world. The #31 has since been retired and reborn as the XQP 531 for the 500-series, but Dane has graciously offered his remaining inventory to the DIY community. There are an extremely limited number of products available: 12 PCBs and 5 chassis. I wish there were enough for everyone, but unfortunately this is it! You can order directly from Dane via the PayPal button below.
"Best de-esser I've ever heard! I have already used it on Mac McAnally, Ricky Skaggs, & Jimmy Buffet mixes." -Alan Schulman, Magic Tracks Recording Studio, Nashville

For more info on the #31, see the XQP Audio website.

PCB features:

  • All components are standard and currently available
  • Includes on-board power supply and power transformer
  • Fits in a 1RU, half-rack size chassis
Chassis features:
  • 1RU, half-rack size
  • Two different color schemes: Green on anodized silver and gold on green. Sorry, no choosing--you get what you get!
  • Serial number engraved on back panel (duplicates of commercially sold units)
  • PCB slide-in slot
  • May have minor paint-fill issues
  • Includes a blank panel and mounting bracket to fill the space next to the de-esser
Beginners be warned! While the #31 is not a very complicated circuit, there will be no assembly guide or support offered for this project. Dane will supply the PCB/front panel and a schematic/bill of materials only.