The "Colour" Project Pt. 2: Going Modular August 31, 2012 16:48 10 Comments

Our initial PCB design had each distortion stage built into the main board, limiting the unit to three "stock" colors. However, after reviewing the copious ideas and requests for distortion types that you folks kindly left on the previous post, it became clear that choosing only three types of distortion would be an almost impossible task.

Then came the big "aha!" moment: we decided to make the distortion stages socketed, and therefore interchangeable.

The new design splits the circuit up into a motherboard, which provides the input, output, and control circuitry, and three daughter boards, which contain the various colors (distortion stages). This changes everything. The "Colour" we're designing now is not so much a single piece of gear as a platform for experimentation and discovery. The user will now have the option to choose which colors to include in her palette and, this being DIY after all, the ability to create her own. And the DIY community will have the opportunity to design and release their own "colours." In fact, there's reason these "colours" should be limited to distortion--almost any type of signal processing could be made into a module!

Next Week: The colours we're working on

Now that we've covered the motherboard in depth, we can jump into the sexy stuff next week when I'll detail the distortion stages Link is working on. In the meantime we'd like your help brainstorming a Wish List of signal processing modules you'd like to see. No idea is too crazy!

Many thanks to everyone who has expressed their enthusiasm for this project.