RM-5 Ribbon Mic Kit Limited Offer June 18, 2013 15:04 50 Comments

Last spring, microphone designer Artur Fisher and I collaborated to bring you a one-time kit offer for Artur's flagship RM-5 ribbon mic. Well, I'm glad to say that Artur is back for another run of his kits for the DIY community. Until July 7, 2013, Artur will be offering full and partial kits for the RM-5, including the new, custom-designed RTP-35 output transformer. RM-5 Assembly Manual

Update 7/2014: Artur's RM-5 Ribbon Microphone full kits are now available from the DIYRE store! RM-5 Ribbon Microphone Kit

About the Microphone

The RM-5's excellence has been well documented by Recording Hacks, Rhythm in Mind, HomeRecording.com, and right here on the DIYRE blog. In short, it's is a great mic with the character one would expect of a well-designed ribbon. To quote myself: "rounded, almost tape-esque transients, a full low-end, and detailed, but gentle reproduction of the high-end." You can hear an electric guitar track I recorded with the RM-5 below. The RE-154 ribbon motor and RTP-35 output transformer are custom components designed to complement each other. Both are housed in a matte-polished, stainless steel. The assembled microphone retails for $395 USD.

DIY Kit Offer

Both full and partial kits are available until July 7th, 2013. $10 worldwide, flat-rate shipping applies to all orders. All kits will be shipped by the end of August 2013; transformer-only orders will be shipped immediately. Kit Options:
  1. RTP-35 Ribbon Mic Transformer $59
  2. Basic Kit: Transformer and RE-154 Ribbon Motor $115
  3. Full Kit: Transformer, Ribbon Motor, and Microphone Body $199
  4. Full Kit with Dedicated Shock Mount $235
These kits are generally intended for home and personal use. No warranty is provided for commercial applications and/or public events. Please purchase an assembled RM-5 ribbon microphone if you would like to have a full lifetime warranty (excl. ribbon) for professional use. Kits and assembled units do not carry the same warranty