Coming Soon: Micro "Circuit Building Block" Kits August 23, 2013 13:39 8 Comments

While I wait for yet another round of Colour prototypes to arrive from the PCB fab house, I've been keeping myself busy laying out little PCBs to perform common "housekeeping" tasks in audio circuits. The idea here is to provide a set of cheap and simple shortcuts to make building, modifying, and prototyping audio gear more painless. These PCBs will also enable DIYers with only a circuit block level of understanding to put together their own circuits.

differential receiver 

The first two off the bench are balanced input and output boards. Both boards are based around THAT Corp's state-of-the-art integrated circuits (but also pin compatible with offerings from TI and Analog Devices) and include noise filtering, DC-offset protection, and power supply bypassing. At a tiny 1.4" x 1" (25 x 36mm), the boards are also intended to be small enough to retrofit into your consumer-level, unbalanced gear.

balanced output pcb

Balanced Line Driver PCB[/caption] Once I have received and tested the boards, PCBs and parts kits will be available from the store. Full kits for each will be around $20.

balanced line receiver pcb 

balanced line driver schematic